All the right notes – but not necessarily in the right order


From White Horse Hill, looking down on Dragon Hill. The bald patch on the top of the hill  is where the dragon’s blood fell as it was killed by St George (really)

I doubt that the late lamented Morecambe and Wise, or ‘Mr Preview’, realised they were doing a sketch applicable to cycle training but I’m sure they would have been pleased.

Apologies to anyone who is too young to understand what the hell any of this is about (you can find it on Dailymotion if you search for Morecambe and Wise Previn) but, frankly, what do you expect if you read a blog by an old man in lycra?

Monday is usually a running day but on the Bank Holiday Mrs Omil announced that she would run on Tuesday as she needed to swap over her summer and winter wardrobes.

No, I don’t understand that either – it must be a girl thing. Personally, I wear much the same things all year round … just more of them in winter.

So I thought I’d better do the longer ride, even though I didn’t really feel like it. With Saturday and Sunday lost last week for a wedding and Friday, Saturday and today lost this week for another up in the Wirral, there wasn’t much choice.

It was quite cathartic just to go out for a ride with no particular plan or route but it set the scene for the whole week – ending up doing things I wasn’t really up for and at the wrong times on the wrong days.

First world problems, eh?

As it turned out, the runs, the planned 12 reps of Dragon Hill, the longer ride (79.5km) and an additional 750m of climbing (reduced from 1000m) all happened – but none of it as I’d expected or when I’d planned. Two runs and four rides in four days is a bit too much.

In spite of everything, I enjoyed it. It’s so easy to forget how good tough exercise can be. A CEO I once worked for said that fun was taking on something difficult and succeeding – but only just. He was an arse but he got that one right.

Two weeks in and the cycling training looks like this:

Week Single session hill reps Longest ride km Total km Total m climbed
1 10 64 139 2178
2 12 79 162 2504

I’m trying to increase everything every week but decided that I didn’t need to aim for any increase on last week’s two punctures – and managed to deliver on that, puncture-free.

So, next week’s aim is a trip to Dragon Hill Road for a 15 rep session, two other rides with one of them 85km and a total of 2,750m of ascent across all three (plus two runs).

As an aside, that Morecambe and Wise sketch is from December 1971. An ominous sign that I’m getting older is that I remember it so well from first time round (aged 16) but am a bit hazy about the week before last.

While on the Morecambe and Wise theme I thought I’d share my favourite one-liner of theirs. Eric looks out as a police car or ambulance races by, siren blaring, and says: “He’s not going to sell much ice cream going at that speed, is he?”



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