Hill reps – hard work but they pay off

Back to Dragon Hill Road this morning for another 10 reps. That makes 68 reps since 10 March – the vast bulk of my training. Until 23 March my PB was 5 min 37. Since then it has gone to 5:06 and then 4:40. Today I managed 4:19 for the first rep – and none were slower than 6:24.

It’s a real testimony (I think) to the benefit of hill reps for training.

The text books talk about developing power at lactate threshold. Whatever the theory, they seem to be giving me more endurance and power and seem to be helping improve my recovery times too.

It may be that I have a high boredom threshold but I quite enjoy doing them but it helps to make them different in terms of standing, sitting, pushing a high gear, spinning in a low gear and putting in sprints along the way.

It also feels like a good way to maximise time in the saddle – today’s ride was 2hr 5min but packed in 1168m of climbing. Well worth doing as far as I can see.

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