A training checkpoint

I did my test circuit for the first time this year on 27 February. It’s a circuit of about 45 km through Faringdon, Clanfield, Bampton, Brize Norton, Carterton, Filkins, Lechlade, Buscot and back via Faringdon again.

In February I did it in 1:32:49 at an average speed of 29.2kph. I did the circuit again yesterday in 1:28:20 at an average of 30.7kph. It was very hard but not completely ruinous.

Admittedly, the first attempt was off a pretty low base but yesterday was still encouraging – at least it was for this Old Man In Lycra. It’s an average speed I’ve only once beaten – and that was in the first Velothon Wales which had closed roads and where I managed to hitch onto some really good trains. Yesterday was a solo ride.

Not exactly a scientific test but it looks like the lunges and hill reps I’ve done over the last couple of weeks are working well (even though the hill reps simply made one of my followers on Strava comment ‘bonkers … absolutely bonkers’). Hard to disagree to be honest. I’ll keep going with the hill reps to see if I can improve on the 12 reps I did in one session last week and on my PB of 4.40.

I know it’s beyond bonkers but I’m still intending to have a go at everesting in July.

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