Blog resurrection

I started this blog a while ago – January 2016 to be precise. That was the start of my 61st year.

Last year it was mainly a log of my cycling with just a bit of life in general. A large part of it was the approaching White Horse Challenge in April and my battle with training and weight loss for that. In the end, both of those aspects went well but, sadly, my mother-in-law died on the night before the sportive so it came to nothing. That also meant that life got a bit fraught what with looking after and clearing the house so the blog also came to nothing – and I’ve now deleted the old entries to concentrate on the relaunch.

Mother-in-law lived next door to us in the house she and my father-in-law built in what was originally the orchard to the house where we now live. She had always said that she never wanted to go into a home and the family (thanks in the main to Libby who was wonderful) managed to fulfil that wish and she died peacefully in bed in her own home, next door.

Where there is a hope of recovery from an illness, death can be such a total sadness. For Sheila, there was no hope of recovery and no great quality of life, so the natural sadness is tinged with a feeling of gratitude that she is now at rest. She was a remarkable person both in her medical career and personal life.

RIP Dr Sheila Lee 1934-2016.

For some reason I’ve decided to revive the blog – not least in view of the decision I’ve taken as to this year’s cycle challenge .. an ‘everest’ in the summer. I must be mad.

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